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Cultural Programs in Palace on Wheels

The music of Rajasthan reflects the vigour and lifestyle of its people. Vibrant colours, music and festivities make the golden sands come alive whether in Jaipur or Udaipur. Rajasthan is the only place where the mood and rhythm govern the hearts of people which impresses even the most seasoned traveller in the state.
In Palace on Wheels, at every halt, your evening is planned with cultural programmes; be it Ghoomar, Panihari, Gorbandh, Ghair, Kalbelia , Chung, Agnl Nritya or puppet shows. You will surely be enchanted by the famous folk songs Moomal, Baramasa and Gorbandh. Nomadic tribes and traditional entertainers, minstrels, jugglers, puppeteers and performers come together to make you dance on their tunes.

Cultural Chari Dance
This dance involves dancing in steps with a chari (pot) on one's head. A lighted lamp is then placed on the pot proceeding the dance further.

Cultural Ghoomar Dance
This is basically a community dance for women and performed on auspicious occasions in Rajasthan. Derived from the word ghoomna (pirouette), this dance is based on the movement of the ladies, gently and gracefully, in circles.

Cultural Fire Dance
The Jasnathi community of Bikaner and Churu are renowned for their tantrik powers and this dance is in keeping with their lifestyle. A large ground is prepared with live wood and charcoal where the men and boys jump in the fire on the beats of a drum. The gradual rise in the tempo, the dancer seems to be in a trance-like state.

Cultural Kachhi Godhi
This is a dance performed on dummy horses. Men in ostentatious costumes ride in equally well-decorated dummy horses. Holding naked swords, these dancers move rhythmically with the beating of drums and pipes.

Cultural Terah Taali
The Kamad community of Pokhran and Deedwana town of Rajasthan perform this dance in honour of their deity, Baba Ramdeo. The men play a four-stringed instrument called a Chau-tara and the women sit with dozens of manjeeras, or cymbals, tied all over their bodies and strike them with the ones they hold in their hands making it an unusual dance. Sometimes, the women also hold a sword between their teeth or place pots with lighted lamps on their heads.

Kalbelia Dance (Snake Charmer)
The dance of the Kalbelia women is vigorous and elegant. The accompanying music rises in tempo as the dance progresses, ending with the performer dancing on glowing embers, which is really breathtaking and impressive.

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