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The Golden Chariot - Facilities on Board

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The Golden Chariot has every possible amenity, rather luxury on board. The train caters to the needs of each and every traveler. It is basically a luxury on wheel. Every facility on board and the hospitality offered by the staff takes you into the fantasy world with a touch of royalty.


Dining facilities on Board the Golden Chariot are available in terms of the two restaurants - Nala and Ruchi. The restaurant 'Nala' takes its name from a king and also from a chef in old times. It was during the time of Mahabharata when this chef is believed to have mesmerized everyone with his extraordinary culinary skills. He was a very god chef and was popular for his tastefully prepared delectable dishes. The restaurant not just takes the name after him but also the skills.

'Ruchi' another restaurant on board means “fine taste” in Sanskrit. This restaurant lives upto its name and serves lip smacking meals. Infact both the restaurants-Nala and Ruchi serve lots of cuisines which do leave the guest asking for more. The dining cabins cater to the requirements of a family of four or two with comfortable sofas.

Lounge Bar

There is lounge-bar on the Golden Chariot known as 'Madira'. In Hindu mythology 'Madira' is the divine drink of the gods. The bar is well stocked with its various assortment of drinks. One can relax in the elegance of the bar and watch local artists perform as they sip their drinks.


If the traveler feels the need to unwind and rejuvenate himself, there is a facility or rather a luxury of getting an Ayurvedic massage on the Golden Chariot. The train is also equipped to take care of the travelers who prefer not to miss out on their workout even for a day. There is a fully equipped gymnasium with proper equipments on board.


The train also caters to the traveler on business. The conference coach is facilitated with every amenity to take care of the business needs of the traveler. It has a forty-two inch LCD television and a Internet facility. This coach can accommodate upto twenty five to thirty people. One can very comfortably have his business meetings, conferences or seminars here.

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